Crown keeps coming loose

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Crown Keeps Falling Off? | OsseoNews.
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I have a dental implant with an abutment post for my crown. I've been back to my dentist 5 times because the crown keeps coming loose and I am worried about it

Loose Crown on tooth-dentist wants it to.

I have a loose crown, it has been loose for 6 months and my dentist will not take it off because he said it will do too much damage to the tooth

Even if you are not having any sensitivity, it's best to have a temporary crown re-cemented as soon as possible. My main concern would be the teeth
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26.01.2012 · Hi there, My first post here on the forum. A crown that I have had for about 2 years came loose and I am seeking some advice before I go to a dentist.
Loose Crown on tooth-dentist wants it to.
I had a dental implant put in 4 years ago. I have returned to my dentist 3 times because the crown became loose, apparently because the abutment was never properly
Crown came loose, bad smell: is crown.
I have seen this exact situation. The anterior crown wobbles but it won't fall out It's not that great of a mystery if you see what is being done. Often decay is

Crown keeps coming loose

Loose crown for many years! - Page 2.

Does a Loose Crown Hurt What Should I Do if my Temporary Dental.

Crown keeps coming loose


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